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Welcome to “Web Hosting Guide” at . If you are after the knowledge to going online by the means of a website without too much hassle, you are at the right place.

Is it a hard thing to start a web site? The answer is “NO”. It is not. However, having a web site is a commitment too. There is no point you start a web and you do not maintain it.

We will go through the facts you will need to consider when you start a web site. There is something you need to do.  The following need to be done

  1. The home work!
  2. You will need a web site address (Domain name)
  3. We will need to host the web site somewhere (Web Host)
  4. Creating the web site
  5.  Publish the website and maintain

The home work!

Like any other project, we will need to do a minimum homework on starting a web site. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why do you need the web site?(Purpose)
  • What do you need to publish? (Content)
  • Who will maintain the web site?
  • What is the budget you have? (Cost)
  • Who are the target audience? (Audience)

You will need a web site address (Domain)

Now, you have done the homework on starting the website and have an understanding of the needs and mission of your web site.

If your friend wants to visit you at your home, he/she needs to know your home address. Likewise, if people want to access your website, they will need to know your web site address. This web site address is known as “Domain Name” of the web site. The web site address is technically known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Characteristics of “Domain Name”

Domain names have the following characteristics.

  • A domain name is a sequence of characters made up of letters(a-z if English) and/or numbers(0-9) and/or hyphen (“-“), separated by a period (“.”).
  • They are unique names globally since they need to be identified over the internet from anywhere in the world.
  • In general, domain names have at least 2 parts separated by “.”. For example, has 2 parts. The part “com” is the top level domain and the second level domain is “biizbee” . The given example is a very simple scenario.
  • Instead of 3-letter top level domain like “com”, “net”, “org”, there are 2-letter top level domains that identify the countries ( i.e. “uk” for United Kingdom and “us” for United States). A good example for this is . We can see, the top level domain ( 2-letter domain) can denote the geographic location of your concern or the type of the concern whether it is a commercial web site ( “com” , “net” etc. ) not for profit organisation ( “org”) , educational concern (“edu” ) and so on.

I would recommend “com” or “net” domain names for most of the general purpose domains. However, you will face a challenge to get a desired web address with “com” or “net”!

How to get the domain name?

Domain names should be bought from any domain registrars. In general, most the web hosting companies like sell the domain names.

However, make sure you buy it from a company that has a good reputation and very less chance to go out of business.


How much a domain name cost?

It depends on various factors. Usually, a “com” domain name would cost between US$ 8.00 / year to US$ 12.00/year. However, these varies.

Some times, when you host your web site with one hosting company, they might offer the domain name for free!. However, always make sure you get a good hosting company and do not fall for the trap of “free domain”.

Renewal of the domain name subscription

As mentioned, the domain subscription is charged per year. When the subscription ends, the domain name could be bought by anyone else. So, you should always make sure you renew the “domain name” before the domain name subscription ends. No one can buy it while your subscription is still valid unless you transfer it to them.

Naming of the “Domain Name”

The domain name could be anything as long as that name is available for grab. The domain name registrars has a tool which enable us to search a name whether it is available for buying. I recommend that you have a name that could give some idea about the website (could be your product related) even though it could be anything.

As mentioned before, a domain suffix of “com” or “net” is preferable for a general purpose or commercial web sites. We will see about this later in another blog in detail.

This should be enough for us to register a domain name.

Who will maintain the web site content?

A website need to be maintained in a similar way we maintain our house. A dilapidated house will not be looked up on and preferred by others. Same way, the website also should be maintained time to time.

The contents need to be accurate enough and validated regularly. For this purpose, there should be one dedicated web master or content administrator or some responsible person.

There could be some technical people help you develop and launch the website. However, we need to have someone in-house to maintain the contents.

We will need to host the web site somewhere (Web Host)

Well, now, we have a plan for a website and also we have a domain name registered (or have decided on domain name, since you might buy the domain name from the company where you are going to host the web site).

Many people misunderstand that registering domain name itself is hosting a web site. IT IS NOT.

Having a domain name is like you buy a virtual address. But, still you not have a rented house to keep your things and live.

So, now you need to find a place to host your web site. The companies who runs the servers to keep your website files and related services are called web hosts (or web hosting companies).

You can technically host your web site at anywhere in the world. However, you will need to consider all or many of the following factors when you choose your web hosting company.

  • Your target audience
  • Security of your web site
  • Geographical location where the web hosting companies keep there servers ( hosting servers)
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
  • Speed of web site with comparable plans
  • Up time of the hosted web sites
  • Additional (free) services provided
  • Cost
  • Usability of the self service portal when managing the web site.
  • Web siting building tools and Content Management Systems ( CMS) like WordPress

Not all web hosting companies will have all of the features while many good companies will satisfy most of our priorities and requirements.

Well, here you GO.. Choose one of the web host and you are ready to go to online if you already have the web site developed.

If you do not have the website, you still can kick start by the free ( competitive) content management systems like WordPress like I started this web site!

Recommended Web hosting companies

We are NOT going to recommend any web hosts. We leave it to you! When you decide, do look for the features and decide based on essential features, performance, up time, security, technical support and the charges.

Who is a GOOD Web Host?

Purchasing or Registering Domain Names – Basics

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